May 7, 2012

Simple Kawaii Photo and Fashion Tips for Cute Style

Kawaii in Japanese means “cute,” it’s a fun style that often features adorable animal or chibi characters, bows, sweets, rainbows and hearts, and all things pink.

Here are a Few Simple Tips to Look Kawaii:
  1. Start with Cute Clothing 
    1. Anything with ears or fuzzy or lace
    2. Light pastel colored outfits
    3. Clothing with cartoon character designs
    4. For conventions, cos-play such as lolita, maid, school girl uniforms are popular
  2. Add Cute Accessories  
    1. Candy/dessert jewelry
    2. Lacy scarves
    3. Anything soft and furry such as gloves
    4. Anything with ears such as,  hats, headbands, bags with animal ears
    5. Hair pieces with large bows
  3. Enhance your Makeup 
    1. Think pastel and light colors, such as pink!
    2. Add makeup glitter for a sparkly effect
    3. Wear false lashes such as jeweled or dolly lashes for an anime effect