Aug 1, 2010

Otakon 2010 Photo Coverage | Baltimore Anime Convention Dealer's Room

Hello Cuties!

Otakon 2010 was a blast and we wanted to share the highlights of our very first convention experience.

DAY 1:  The team arrived at the dealer's room bright and early to set up our dealer's booth.  Below is Captain Tilly in front of our store sporting the black and pink skull zipper mouth t-shirt.

Brian is modeling our Naruto Ramen shirt while handing out raffle tickets.
Day 2:  Many Otakus came by and we made many friends, but we took a break when the fire alarm went off. The entire convention went outdoors for a gigantic game of "Frogger".  If you were there you know that the convention staff worked hard instructing us to move away from the building (then towards and away again), all the while keeping thousands out of the road.

Tilly enjoying the sun and posing with her Misa Tote Bag.
Paul is smiling for the Camera.

After an hour of sunshine outside, we were finally able to return to the Dealer's Room. Our team was glad to be able to get some pictures with some of our customers and cutie attendees during the busy day.

Steve is  rockin' our "L, Love is Sweet" shirt and posing with one of our awesome customers.
The Bear Hoodie was a hit!

After a day of work, we decided to reward ourselves with sushi for dinner! 


DAY 3:  The last day of the convention was so busy we were unable to take more pictures, but we enjoyed every second of our time there with all of our friends and the great people we met!

Goodbye Otakon!  See you next year!

Be sure to look out for's booth at the New York Anime Festival coming this Fall!   Stop on by, say hello, and take a picture with us!

*Stay posted to this blog for the winners of our raffle - We're still inputting all of the raffle ticket information into our database*